Written Communications

Written Communications: Being Heard and Understood
English | August 14, 2020 | ASIN: B08F6GFXHC | M4B@VBR kbps | 6h 24m | 268.28 MB

Author: Allison Friederichs, The Great Courses
Narrator: Professor Allison Friederichs

We’ve all encountered bad writing at some point in our lives. We’ve possibly even authored some ourselves. And it’s pretty clear when writing is bad. Whether you’re writing business letters, memos, emails, reports, announcements, or some other professional communication, the pragmatic communicator can be far more effective than the multiloquent one.

Because we are judged by our ability to communicate with direction, focus, and confidence – along with inspiration and empathy, no matter who you are and what your goal is – getting the right message across is absolutely essential to achieving your objectives.

In the 12 rewarding lectures of Written Communications: Being Heard and Understood, Professor Allison Friederichs, associate teaching professor and the associate dean for academic affairs at the University of Denver, University College, will share the secrets to sharpening your written, oral, and interpersonal communications skills.

Bringing plenty of humor and enthusiasm, along with dozens of tools, examples, and exercises, Professor Friederichs takes you through each component of writing a successful business communication – from picking the right words; to ensuring the grammar and punctuation are correct; to analyzing, crafting, and editing your message.

Most important, she will show you how impactful communication isn’t about you: It’s about your reader. Once you understand your audience, she’ll show you how to target the message, make appropriate word choices, incorporate sound logic, and untangle complex syntax using a combination of examples and activities.

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