Road Home

Road Home: The Survivalist, Book 12
English | April 24, 2020 | ASIN: B087D81HDH | M4B@62 kbps | 8h 20m | 227.22 MB

Author: Arthur Bradley
Narrator: John David Farrell

Following the tragic death of his deceitful lover, Mason hopes to return to the one place where a peaceful life might still be possible. Detouring to recover a hidden treasure of gold, he meets a beautiful widow in trouble. Together, they travel to her hometown of Clover, South Carolina, an idyllic community protected by a police chief and his faithful deputies. Caught in the middle of a plot driven by greed and lust, Mason soon discovers that carrying a king’s ransom is not without its risks.

Meanwhile, Issa and Mother must find their way out of the tunnels under Mount Weather. Pregnant and without supplies, Issa is forced to use her wits and trusty Merkel rifle to keep them alive. As they push deeper into the darkness, they uncover a horror that traces back to the earliest days of Mother’s rule. They quickly realize that their only hope for escape is to trust one another, even if it means taking an unthinkable risk.

With two nuclear warheads in their possession, Tanner and Samantha embark on their journey back to Mount Weather. Along the way, they encounter a bounty hunter in search of his next job. Agreeing to transport him to a place known only as “Sanctuary,” they discover a community built around the unlikeliest of currencies. With evil threatening to tear them apart, they must once again stand together if they are to have any hope of returning home.

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