A Warm Place 9

A Warm Place 9: A Post-Apocalyptic Men’s Adventure
English | December 15, 2023 | ASIN: B0CQ8MW37Z | M4B@250 kbps | 7h 10m | 771.28 MB

Author: Misty Vixen
Narrator: Gabriel Michael, Katana Jones

The time has come to risk it all.

What remains of Pine Lake is a dead end, and the best hope for Chris, the women he loves, and the denizens of the settlement now lay in a town of preppers living on an island a few hundred miles to the north. All of their faith is now being put into that settlement, and the train that Chris discovered and Fay repaired.

Even with a mostly functional train and a lot of luck, it will still be a long journey. Any number of dangers, environmental, animal, and human, could lay in between them and their destination. More than ever hangs in the balance, and whether or not he wants the job, everyone is looking to Chris to get them there…

This is the final novel in A Warm Place.

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