A Warm Place 8

A Warm Place 8: A Post-Apocalyptic Men’s Adventure
English | December 08, 2023 | ASIN: B0CPQPS4GQ | M4B@242 kbps | 6h 56m | 720.7 MB

Author: Misty Vixen
Narrator: Gabriel Michael, Katana Jones

Chris, Hannah, and Megan braved the icy horrors of the frozen wastelands. They fought for their lives, endured brutal conditions, and managed to find exactly what they were looking for: a forgotten bunker full of precious resources.

Unfortunately, the bunker was just a temporary stop-gap. The slow death of starvation still looms on the horizon for the denizens of Pine Lake. If they can’t figure out some way of solving the problem, they’ll lose everything.

Chris and the women he loves have devoted everything to figuring this out, to making this life of theirs work. When they discover old plans in an abandoned house deep in the wilderness, they figure that they may just have a shot at salvation after all…

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