Twilight Service

Twilight Service: The Way of Etherforging, Book 3
English | February 20, 2024 | ASIN: B0CS3YNZL8 | M4B@125 kbps | 17h 5m | 932.44 MB

Author: RJ Shoke
Narrator: Daniel Henning

Nothing ever really goes as planned.

After the events of Tat’us Black, Jonx must help his friend, Highburren, gain a new shell so that she can complete her reincarnation. All the while, he needs to balance the demands of an all-powerful August Celestial who has their own agenda.

He will learn firsthand that the Dragon from Dusk till Dawn is an exacting taskmaster. Jonx will need to rise to the occasion to live up to the Celestial’s uncompromising standards. If he can’t, then he’ll not only be letting down a friend who sacrificed themselves to save him, but he may just find himself vaporized in a feud between Celestials that stretches back eons.

He is an ant playing at being a giant. And he has to try his best not to get stepped on.

Join Jonx as he returns to the Intergalactic Imperium and journeys from one end to the other in the exciting conclusion to the Way of Etherforging trilogy!

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