Demon’s Rage

Demon’s Rage: The Bloodwood Saga, Book 2
English | February 20, 2024 | ASIN: B0CS17S7DX | M4B@125 kbps | 22h 38m | 1.21 GB

Author: David Estes, Ben Galley
Narrator: Tim Gerard Reynolds

The war to save the Swathe is far from over.

Since the Battle of Shal Gara, the Scions have lurked in the dangerous loam, hunting the survivors of the Last Clan. But malice grows in the treetops and the canopies of the bloodwoods. The lies of the Fireborn creep like a rot through the Swathe, turning citizen against citizen, brother against brother. Their purpose? To open another fiery gate to the demon realm.

Racing against time, Tarko and Serisi must fight not only the demon threat but their own growing power. The bond of nectra and demon blood is as alluring as a precipice and just as perilous. As they become ever more entwined, the path to victory will present a choice: to hold back or give in to the rage building within them.

But these are desperate times, and such times call for desperate measures, even if it means becoming the very monster you’re fighting against.

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