The Reluctant Demon: Circles in Hell, Book 4

The Reluctant Demon: Circles in Hell, Book 4
English | May 26, 2016 | ASIN: B01G62A7OO | M4B@33 kbps | 9h | 130.39 MB

Author: Mark Cain
Narrator: Michael Gilboe

Satan has made a new demon, and he’s a doozy, maybe the most powerful ever created. There’s just one problem: this freshly-minted hellion isn’t sure he wants the job.

In the wacky final volume of the Circles in Hell series, Steve Minion attends Beast Barracks, where he learns both the arcane and mundane arts of being a servant of the Devil. Strength, speed, and endurance are all part of a demon’s physical makeup, but he must be taught to be sneaky, cruel, and ruthless and of course to ignore personal hygiene.

As Steve begins work as a full-fledged bad guy, he must confront the inevitable: demons exist to torment the damned, and Hell’s former handyman-in-chief doesn’t seem to have the stomach for the work.

Still, there’s no alternative for our hero. Once a demon, always a demon, as the saying goes. Steve’s stuck in his new role, but really, what good to anyone is a reluctant demon?

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