I’m No Angel: Circles in Hell, Book 5

I’m No Angel: Circles in Hell, Book 5
English | January 25, 2018 | ASIN: B0798VXB9Q | M4B@32 kbps | 8h 27m | 122.34 MB

Author: Mark Cain
Narrator: Michael Gilboe

Following the lead of Florence Nightingale, Steve’s partner in Eternity, he has returned to Hell to ease the suffering of the Damned. Yet Steve is faced with a dilemma. What can he do that will offer more than a brief respite from everlasting torment? And how can he make it funny at the same time?

In Steve’s search for meaningful employment in the Afterlife, he has one comic misadventure after another. Along the way, he meets a few new angels and a couple of saints. He even learns what may be one of the great secrets of the universe…or maybe not.

And all the while, something’s bothering him. Too many people who have been consigned to Hell just don’t seem to belong there. Steve is determined to find out why, whether Satan likes it or not.

Especially if Satan doesn’t like it. After all, Steve is no angel. He’s a little bit good, a little bit bad, and a whole lot of trouble!

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