The Golden Staff

The Golden Staff: An Alien Sci-Fi Harem Adventure (The Makalang, Book 3)
English | November 16, 2021 | ASIN: B09KT1ZJVY | MP3@100 kbps | 5h 52m | 247.94 MB

Author: Michael Dalton
Narrator: Mason Lloyd

Former Marine Will Hawthorne has solidified his position as the Makalang and averted war between Taitala’s clans. But uncovering the truth about himself has only raised more questions about the challenge he faces: He must accomplish something no Makalang before him has ever managed, or the world will die.

Traveling to the city of Yama-Kana in search of more information brings him to the attention of a mysterious cult known as the Gates of the Golden Staff. The cult worships the Makalang – a different makalang – and his appearance is regarded as dangerous heresy.

Other forces in Yama-Kana have learned to harness the same crystal energies that Will controls. They have twisted these energies to dark and sinister ends – yet in those ends may be the ultimate solution Will is seeking.

Contains mature themes.

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