The Black Sky

The Black Sky: An Alien Sci-Fi Harem Adventure (The Makalang, Book 2)
English | October 26, 2021 | ASIN: B09HY54F4V | MP3@102 kbps | 5h 9m | 222.78 MB

Author: Michael Dalton
Narrator: Mason Lloyd

Former Marine Will Hawthorne has revealed himself to the alien world of Taitala as the Makalang, a legendary creature who is expected to reverse the world’s decline into senescence and extinction. With his first wives already pregnant, tensions between the city’s clans begin stretching to the breaking point as the demand for new children intensifies.

But Will’s attempts to mediate the dispute are upended by a campaign of bombings by the shadowy Black Sky group and suspicions that the mysterious nocturnal panikang are behind it.

As Will continues his quest to unravel the enigma of the Makalang’s role in the world, he must choose between the needs of one of his closest wives and the needs of his adopted world.

Contains mature themes.

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