The Angel Trap 3

The Angel Trap: Dark World: The Angel Trials, Book 3
English | December 24, 2018 | ASIN: B07LH876L8 | MP3@64 kbps | 4h 58m | 136.7 MB

Author: Michelle Madow
Narrator: Patricia Santomasso

Be careful who you trust, or you might walk into a trap.

After putting her neck on the line to save Noah and Sage’s lives, Raven is on the brink of death. The only thing that might save her? Vampire blood.

The problem is, no one’s supposed to know vampire blood can heal humans. Anyone who finds out will be silenced. Which means Sage and Noah need to take Raven to a vampire they can trust. But shifters don’t normally trust vampires, so they only know one vampire who fits that category.

Thomas Bettencourt is a vampire prince who rules an elite coven in Chicago. Thanks to his secret history with Sage, he might be willing to save Raven’s life. But only if they agree to his conditions.

Now, they have two choices – accept Thomas’ demands or let Raven die. And after imprinting on Raven, Noah will do anything to ensure she survives.

Even if that means making a deal with a vampire.

Get ready for more romance, adventure, and twists in The Angel Trap, the shocking third installment in the Angel Trials series!

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