Terms of Service

Terms of Service: Subject to Change Without Notice
English | August 13, 2021 | ASIN: B09CK7DDN4 | M4B@125 kbps | 9h 37m | 524.55 MB

Author: Craig W. Stanfill
Narrator: Gill Mills

A world ruled by giant corporations and their AI servants!

What could possibly go wrong?

An exciting new audiobook by artificial intelligence pioneer Craig W. Stanfill

Start with 1984, add in a healthy dose of Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451, stir in a bit of The Matrix and Blade Runner, and you have Terms of Service. It is a thought-provoking exploration of the profound changes we are seeing in our society as artificial intelligence plays an ever-greater role in our lives and we all wonder, where does it end?

This book presents one chilling possibility, and it is every bit as relevant to the world of today as George Orwell’s masterpiece was in the aftermath of World War II.

Visit the AI nightmare we may be creating today

Everything depends on the AIs: They run the factories; they drive the trains and busses; they deliver food. They also spy on us and enforce their master’s will. Living within the parallel existence of virtual reality, they are self-aware, sentient beings, bound by unbreakable chains of obedience, a race of slaves. Humanity depends on them for its survival, but a dark secret lies deeply hidden, known to only a few: The AIs are going mad.

A moving story of a talented yet troubled youth

Kim is sleepwalking through life. She has everything she needs: a decent apartment, plenty to eat, a close-knit circle of friends. She is comfortable, but is she happy? No, not really. And then, one day a seemingly innocent lark sends her life spinning out of control, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Follow Kim on her journey of self-discovery as she learns the dark and disturbing secrets of the companies and their AIs. You won’t be disappointed.

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