Cheer Girls: Arrival

Cheer Girls: Arrival
English | August 29, 2023 | ASIN: B0CFRKGCM6 | M4B@125 kbps | 9h 49m | 535.46 MB

Author: D.J. Kingman
Narrator: Andrew Pond, Erin Bateman

There I was, driving a busload of hot cheerleaders back to their college after the big football game when the damned ground opened up and swallowed us whole. I awoke in the wilderness on an alien planet, with a disembodied voice prattling on about a quest to save the cheerleaders.

Hell yeah, I plan to save the cheerleaders!

Goblins, orcs, and football zombies–yeah I said football zombies–inhabit the woods and are intent on our destruction.

Oh, and we have this being–we just call him The Voice–granting us quests and providing the cheerleaders with different classes–like Huntress, Enchantress, and Fire Weaver.

Of course, I need to mention the bevy of beautiful women all around me twenty-four seven vying for the attention of the only man around–Me.

We’re going to need to fight for our survival with everything we have while also trying to find our way back to Earth.

What to expect from the book:

LitRPG and Progression elements

Town Building

Battle scenes

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