Shifting Their Ideals

Shifting Their Ideals: The Lost Therian Omega, Book 1
English | August 22, 2023 | ASIN: B0CGC1385M | M4B@125 kbps | 11h 56m | 651.81 MB

Author: Aisling Cousins
Narrator: Jamie Treselyan

To be a successful pack, you must have an Omega. Alpha and Beta shifters can become feral when congregated in large numbers without an Omega’s calming influence.

Eighteen years ago, I was kidnapped with my mother. They wrongly assumed she was an Omega. For 10 years, I watched them break her, beat her, abuse her in every way. They promised my fate would be the same when I came of age. They were wrong. I escaped, taking my two young brothers with me. We’ve avoided all other shifters for eight years. Until now.

Now a new pack has moved in, and they seem to have an interest in my brothers. In me.

I will not become someone’s toy.

I will not repeat my mother’s fate.

The shifter world seems to think all Omegas are docile and submissive. They are wrong. They’ll underestimate me, not knowing I’m more than just a shifter. I’m more than just an Omega.

I am a Therian. I can be any mammal.

So let them try and take me.

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