Ranger of Kings

Ranger of Kings: William of Alamore Series, Book 1
English | August 05, 2020 | ASIN: B08F9N4HKG | MP3@128 kbps | 10h 13m | 548.35 MB

Author: C. J. R. Isely
Narrator: Jordan Westengaard

The tunnels will open again tonight. This time, we’re not strong enough to stop it.

Will has always dreamed of becoming a knight. Stuck as a lowly village boy with no dreams or aspirations, when he’s summoned to train as a squire in the mighty castle of Alamore, it seems too good to be true. He’s determined to prove himself to the other squires that he trains with every day.

But there’s much more to becoming a knight than meets the eye. After stumbling upon a secret network of passageways hidden beneath the castle, Will uncovers a group of long-forgotten enemies of the crown. As old alliances with other kingdoms begin to fracture and their uneasy peace comes to an end, Will finds himself thrust headlong into a brewing war – and he soon realizes that more than luck brought him to Alamore.

Will must unravel the secrets lurking in the shadowy halls of Alamore and find a way to stop a seemingly inevitable war. But the answer lies with a man even more mysterious than the passages he roams. A man known as the Ranger of Kings….

If you like gripping medieval fantasy adventures with a dash of mystery and a ton of danger, then you won’t want to miss the first book in the William of Alamore series. Listen now!

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