Green Wing

Green Wing
English | 29 April 2024 | ASIN: B0D1VRJG9N | M4B@125 kbps | 4h 17m | 234.39 MB

Author: Victoria Pile, James Henry, Oriane Messina, Fay Rusling
Narrator: Oliver Chris, Olivia Colman, Pippa Haywood, Mark Heap, Michelle Gomez, Tamsin Grieg, Stephen Mangan, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Karl Theobald


They’re back! The all-star cast multi-award-winning cult hit comedy returns, with more surreal goings-on in the lives and loves of the doctors and staff at East Hampton Hospital (warning: contains very little medical content).

Green Wing: Resuscitated picks up 12 years after the events of Green Wing, and it’s all change at East Hampton Hospital… Guy Secretan (Stephen Mangan) has become a media personality, adding TV appearances and podcasts to his work as an anesthetist; ‘Mac’ MacCartney (Julian Rhind-Tutt) has returned from several near-death experiences to pick up as a surgeon, and Caroline Todd (Tamsin Greig) has been making waves in America as a medical pioneer. There have been promotions for both Harriet Schulenberg (Olivia Colman) who is now East Hampton’s Head of HR, and Boyce (Oliver Chris), who has been made head of radiology. This doesn’t mean that Alan Statham (Mark Heap) has left the hospital – while his killing spree with Joanna Clore (Pippa Haywood) lead to her being imprisoned, his lawyers got him off with a spell in psychiatric care, and he has returned to work under Boyce. Not everyone has changed circumstances, though – Sue White (Michelle Gomez) remains as East Hampton’s staff liaison officer, and Martin Dear (Karl Theobald) is still not a doctor, despite having been training for the exams since we last saw him…

Starring: Oliver Chris as Boyce, Olivia Colman as Harriet, Pippa Haywood as Joanna, Mark Heap as Alan, Michelle Gomez as Sue White, Tamsin Grieg as Caroline, Stephen Mangan as Guy, Julian Rhind-Tutt as Mac, and Karl Theobald as Martin. Featuring: Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Lauren Douglin, Simon Kane, Lorelei Mathias, Oriane Messina, Will Sebag-Montefiore, Nimisha Odedra and Paul G. Raymond. Green Wing: Resuscitated was created by Victoria Pile, and written by Victoria Pile, Robert Harley, James Henry, Oriane Messina & Fay Rusling. Produced by Novel.

Episode 1: Back

Guy starts therapy; Sue White visits Joanna in prison; Statham protests against his new boss, Boyce; Harriet gets into gaming; and Mac finds out about the new Head of Surgery.

Episode 2: The Usual

Caroline has her second first day at East Hampton, as Guy gets into a feud. Harriet has some news for Statham, and Joanna and Sue White both begin plots.

Episode 3: Message in a Bottle

Joanna plans a breakout to visit Statham. Martin goes undercover for Sue White. Mac, Guy and Caro struggle to work together.

Episode 4: HRT

Tensions between Caro, Mac and Guy reach Harriet’s desk. Sue White pushes Martin further undercover with Harriet. Statham has a dream.

Episode 5: Picasso

Guy feels threatened when his TV show ask about Caroline. Harriet and Martin plan their engagement party. Joanna makes a request to the prison governor, and Mac has that thing men have.

Episode 6: Flamingos

Harriet and Martin’s engagement party goes off the rails as Guy finds out about Caroline and Boyce, and a friend of Joanna’s goes too far in trying to scare Statham

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