Noon: A Slice-of-Life Reverse Isekai

Noon: A Slice-of-Life Reverse Isekai: My Children from Another World, Book 2
English | March 26, 2024 | ASIN: B0C66YQ1RP | M4B@125 kbps | 10h 17m | 561.29 MB

Author: Payton Fletcher, _Glasses
Narrator: Amir Abdullah

Ex-adventurer Rakta Velbrun navigates an uncertain future—and his otherworlder children’s shadowy past lives—in the second book of a moving isekai series.

Fighting monsters and managing a lordship are nothing compared to raising adolescents. And Rakta Velbrun should know—he’s battled legendary foes to earn renown as a fighter, and delicately navigated dangerous politics to win respect as a ruler. But none of that was as difficult as being a single father to his son, Dalton, and two daughters, Daka and Natakia, all now on the threshold of their tenth birthday.

Each of Rakta’s children has his or her own strengths as well as concerns. Rakta must hone Daka’s wild spirit into a fighter’s, nurture Dalton’s serious desires for leadership, and support Natakia’s wishes to be a noble lady, all while facing one strange and unalienable truth: his children’s souls are from another world.

Tackling the task of guiding them through their unique struggles would be hard enough, but as the family sets off to celebrate the triplets’ birthday in the capital city, they’re hunted by a dangerous enemy, one who will stop at nothing to see Rakta, his children, and their allies destroyed.

Filled with new discoveries and surprises, Noon is a stunning continuation of the powerful, character-driven series that gracefully tackles themes of fatherhood, coming-of-age, and belonging within a lush and imaginative world.

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