Trickster Cleric: An Isekai LitRPG

Trickster Cleric: An Isekai LitRPG: The Vularia Reincarnation Cycle, Book 1
English | January 23, 2024 | ASIN: B0CQMGF4XX | M4B@125 kbps | 19h 21m | 1.03 GB

Author: G. B. Scally
Narrator: Kate Clarke

Reincarnated as the avatar of a goddess, one young woman learns to become both healer and warrior in a battle between the forces of light and darkness.

Abandoned by her mother, Amara Solace surrendered her dreams of attending college to take on the responsibility of caring for her ailing father. A fierce and protective daughter, she did what was necessary to pay their bills while keeping him safe. In the end, Amara’s father succumbed to his illness—and then death came for her too.

Awakening in a world of myth and magic known as Vularia, Amara has been reborn as a Trickster Cleric, an avatar of the goddess Melischar. She has been tasked with rallying the Forces of Order against the legions of the Chaos Gods, who want to bring about an apocalypse. Amara is the first avatar to appear in a millennium, and Melischar is a deity of mischief, mistrusted by the other gods. The servants of the god Sirveig believe Amara to be a false prophet sent to sow discord across the land, an enemy they cannot allow to live.

Now, Amara is on the run, desperate to learn how to wield her newfound magical abilities in order to save Vularia. Joined by a rogue fighter, a dwarf warrior, a shapeshifter, and a street girl who can conjure fire, she embarks on dangerous quests that improve her combat and spellcasting skills. As word of Amara’s existence spreads, she finds allies among the faithful who believe she is a true avatar and Vularia’s salvation against the growing tide of Chaos threatening to consume the realm . . .

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