Mastering Magic 3

Mastering Magic 3: An Urban Fantasy Slice of Life
English | October 09, 2023 | ASIN: B0CKS33NHQ | MP3@128 kbps | 8h 14m | 452.66 MB

Author: Kirk Mason
Narrator: Mastering Magic

The magical world is collapsing, and I was supposed to be running a magic store.

Underneath the academy halls, a power lies dormant.

A glowing purple aura, pulsing with energy, cries out for…me.

When I first approached it, I found myself floating in the air, the mana nearly torn out of me. Thankfully, my beautiful girls brought me back. No way I’m going down there again.

I’m the most powerful magi there is, and something down there wants me for themself. Is it the goddess of magic, Divinity, trying to reclaim what was given? We can’t afford to find out. Yet, we need to deal with it.

Meanwhile, legions of regular folk are angry at us for having what they cannot.

It’s up to me to lead the magi and sort out this mess, but I’m not alone. Sophia’s position as headmaster of the academy will come in handy, and Misty…well, she’s still a hot goth babe.

And then maybe we can get back to the shop. Battlebabe Blair and ginger Frenchie Charlotte still haven’t seen it.

There might not be a shop left when all this is through….

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