Blazer: A LitRPG Adventure

Blazer: A LitRPG Adventure (Divine Progression, Book 3)
English | November 01, 2023 | ASIN: B0CFW2VQJZ | M4B@125 kbps | 14h 46m | 806.17 MB

Author: Jake Brannigan
Narrator: Neil Hellegers

Now counted among the top ranks of Adventurers, Glenn must find a new path.

After two years standing vigil at the gates of his hometown, Glenn finally has a chance to fulfill his dream of joining the Blazers, traveling the world, adventuring with his childhood love, and helping people beyond Wolfpine. And all it cost was his best friend, his family, and a life with everyone he loves.

Yet with a new zone to explore and new and dangerous threats to challenge, Glenn must look forward, not back. Alongside his new partner and his childhood sweetheart, Glenn will save lives, unravel conspiracies, and support his friends and the people of Evolan as he follows the path of a Blazer: elite Adventurers who towns and their leaders call upon when a normal Adventurer just won’t do.

Now in hiding from the Church of Celes, Glenn finds himself unwittingly drawn into a conspiracy involving Deathcasters—Luxtera’s forbidden Class—and uncovers a conspiracy that will change everything he knows about the Gods, the church, and why the Deathcaster class is forbidden …

Book three of a new action-packed LitRPG adventure with strong-to-stronger progression, strategic battles, endearing characters, and slice-of-life elements.

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