Jason King and the Unity Stone Affair

Jason King and the Unity Stone Affair: Jason King: Agent to the Stars, Book 1
English | September 05, 2023 | ASIN: B0CG2MLFYQ | M4B@62 kbps | 7h 41m | 209.51 MB

Author: T.R. Harris
Narrator: Brian Wiggins

Eleven years ago, Army Ranger Jason King lost his job when the aliens came to Earth and outlawed war among nations. Now he makes a fairly decent living as the top real estate broker on the planet Sylox, the capital of the Galactic Union. His clients are primarily Humans coming to the planet to work at the huge Embassy Complex, and they find Earth-like housing—along with a little taste of home—in the sprawling Enclaves of Sylox.

Things are going pretty well for Jason, right up to the time his latest customers arrive from Earth—and that’s when all hell breaks lose! Now Jason finds himself entangled in layer upon layer of deadly conspiracy involving a quasi-religious artifact whose theft is about to trigger a galactic war. The Earth has also become ensnared in this conspiracy, placing her squarely in the crosshairs of two vindictive alien species bent on her destruction.

Now all Jason King has to do is recover the artifact, capture the thief, prevent a galaxy-wide war, and save the Earth from annihilation. And do all this between his real estate closings. Oh . . . and there’s also a super-hot woman right in the thick of things just to keep things interesting. And don’t forget the headlong chases through exotic star systems, and the shoot-outs, and the fist-fights—all the good stuff that puts the adventure in space opera adventure!

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