Jason King and the Mystery of the Galactic Lights

Jason King and the Mystery of the Galactic Lights: Jason King – Agent to the Stars, Book 2
English | September 19, 2023 | ASIN: B0CGVQ9WTH | M4B@62 kbps | 4h 24m | 120.31 MB

Author: T.R. Harris
Narrator: Brian Wiggins

When the aliens came to Earth and outlawed war, it left Army Ranger Lieutenant Jason King looking for another way to make a living. Now he’s a successful real estate broker working on the planet Sylox—the capital of the Galactic Union—yet he’s always itching for the chance to get back in the saddle again . . . So, when an old Army buddy shows up on his doorstep, Jason finds himself drawn into a web of high-stakes intergalactic intrigue and adventure, and with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance.

At the crux of the conspiracy are the legendary Galactic Lights, a collection of fabled objects with the power to destroy worlds—if they really do exist. Now Jason has learned the truth: The Lights are real, and the balance of power in the galaxy rests with their recovery and transport to Sylox for safekeeping. Now Jason is the only person in the galaxy who can save the Union, along with his precious homeworld—Earth.

If he succeeds, he wins the love and respect of the woman of his dreams . . . as well as about fifty tons of gold and the galaxy’s most prized treasure. But if his mission fails, the Union will fall, and Earth will be destroyed. For Jason King, it’s just another day at the office . . . No one said Jason was the noble hero type. He just ends up doing heroic deeds . . . and often against his own natural instincts.

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