Inferno Dawn: An Apocalyptic Survival Harem

Inferno Dawn: An Apocalyptic Survival Harem: Aftermath Falls, Book 3
English | August 15, 2023 | ASIN: B0CFS9SZ7Z | M4B@125 kbps | 7h 17m | 398.25 MB

Author: Lara X. Lust
Narrator: Christopher Harbour, Mandy McCullough

New threats and horrors await.

One dark evening, James picks up a mysterious woman’s voice over his radio. Her only request is to be rescued from a wandering group of crazed survivors. In exchange, she promises top secret information and her skills as a scientist.

It doesn’t end there. People are starting to change into something more dangerous than just starving humans. That and the weather system has been corrupted by nuclear war.

With time running out, it’s up to James, Beth, Claire, and now Myra to discover the true force behind the apocalypse.

And hopefully put an end to it forever.

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