Lights Out: An Apocalyptic Survival Harem

Lights Out: An Apocalyptic Survival Harem
English | October 20, 2022 | ASIN: B0BFJXGHQP | M4B@63 kbps | 5h 5m | 141.73 MB

Author: Lara X. Lust
Narrator: Christopher Harbour, Mandy McCullough

James was no one special.

That all changed when he became an overnight millionaire. After building a mansion and leaving his past life behind, James is finally free. Living in a massive home on top of a large mountain range has perks, but it doesn’t help with crippling loneliness. With his financial worries gone, he sets his eyes on a local waitress named Beth in hopes to explore a possible relationship….

But the world was about to change forever. When an unknown apocalyptic event begins ravaging his city, James and Beth are forced to take shelter in his secluded mansion, all while Beth’s only friend is still somewhere in the chaos, waiting to be saved.

And it will take a lot more than money to survive.

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