Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero: The Breeder, Book 1
English | December 01, 2023 | ASIN: B0CNL22XTV | M4B@125 kbps | 10h 3m | 548.46 MB

Author: B.A. Oliver
Narrator: Arthur Bray, Raya Kane

What would you do if you were granted every boy’s dream?

In the world that Jay was born into he is a rarity, a male child. Boys are rare and less than half are blessed by the system with a class. The rest are stuck forever in a boy’s body, unable to become men, and unable to advance.

The system grants many classes, most of them common. Nine of ten children who receive a class and become adults receive a common class, the others will receive uncommon, rare, or if truly blessed an exquisite class. Above even those are the Legendary classes, granted to less than one in a thousand. Those blessed with a legendary class, live lives lasting hundreds of years, receive skills others can only dream of. Wealth, status, power, all of these will be yours if the system chooses you.

Today is Jay’s last chance at a class. If the system doesn’t bless him today he will remain a child for the rest of his days. Boys who stand in front of the system obelisk for a fourth time are almost always cast down as classless, but the few that are not will all receive powerful classes, maybe even Legendary.

But for boys dreaming of becoming men, there is a Legendary class that all desire above the rest.

Follow Jay in his first week as he learns what it means to wield the most desired class of them all. Women throwing money at you, desperate to have your child sounds like a dream come true. In many ways the class is all he dreamed of and more. Learning that sometimes boyhood dreams do come true makes it the best week of his young life. But it’s not all naked women and orgasms. For Jay this class has special meaning, little of it good.

Becoming a man overnight isn’t easy. Adjusting to his new role in society, dealing with small town politics, starting a business, hiring employees, and helping a friend makes for a busy week. Not to mention helping his family adjust to the system having made him into something that cannot be discussed at home.

He won’t have to do it alone, one of his instructors knows the responsibility and temptation that comes with a powerful class. She will guide and humble him through these formative days, but she also has secrets. Secrets that have to do with his past and his new class that could destroy everything if they got out.

Follow along as Jay learns what it means to become A Breeder.

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