Friendly Neighborhood Wizard: A Cozy Fantasy

Friendly Neighborhood Wizard: A Cozy Fantasy: Friendly Neighborhood Wizard, Book 1
English | February 20, 2024 | ASIN: B0CSH3V386 | M4B@125 kbps | 12h 32m | 684.06 MB

Author: SmilingSatyr
Narrator: Eric Burgher

A rural village is fertile ground for a wizard sowing the seeds of magic, warding off bad vibes—and beasts—and ultimately bringing a community together.

After six years at Saint Balthazar’s Academy of Magic, Wil McKenzie has returned to his hometown a bewitching but humble Mr. Fix-It. The farming community of Harper Valley has its fair share of problems, and it’s counting on Wil’s sigils—and dazzling flicks of the wrist—to solve them. After all, the whole of Harper Valley funded his education.

Now, Wil’s back in the family fold and working hard to fill the needs of his neighbors, who all seem to want a fast return on their investment. But whether it’s mending fences, ridding a house of vermin, boosting crops, or finding lost children, Wil is ready. What the magical civil servant isn’t prepared for is everyone’s crotchety attitudes and exasperating skepticism—not to mention a noxious, self-serving mayor who’s itching for control.

But Wil remains optimistic, especially as he reconnects with his childhood crush, Darlene Johnson, and a former high school bully with a remorseful change of heart. And a good thing, too. Because there’s a mystical storm a-brewing and, with it, a centuries-old conflict. Bringing peace, safety, and hope to Harper Valley isn’t only the biggest challenge of Wil’s young wizarding career; it just might make him the local hero he was destined to become.

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