War Wizard 1

War Wizard 1: War Wizard, Book 1
English | March 01, 2022 | ASIN: B09RRKM3QR | M4B@125 kbps | 11h 41m | 626.52 MB

Author: DB King
Narrator: Ben Farrow

The present world is not the one Logan left behind, but it can be reforged in the hands of the last War Wizard.

Logan Grimm, an Elderwood Ranger, fought valiantly against a tide of orcs, only to die among the rest of his men. He stayed dead for 2,000 years, but he’s now returned to the world of the living. As the only surviving ranger, he’s become a War Wizard, and he plans on using this new magic to take back the continent from the orc scourge.

Joined by a caravan of elves, he seeks out the gods who can grant him power. With their power, he can mark his followers and turn them into elite units for his fledgling army.

This progression fantasy contains empire building, army and unit management, crafting, and an intelligent and resourceful main character who is a combination mage/ranger.

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