Empire Turmoil

Empire Turmoil: Gate Ghosts, Book 10
English | November 15, 2023 | ASIN: B0CN9R44MR | M4B@125 kbps | 13h 26m | 732.63 MB

Author: S. H. Jucha
Narrator: Nicole Poole

Imperium executors face daunting pressure to control their territories. The assembly’s election of a presiding executor upsets the body’s balance of power.

A moderate, Gaketork, wins the election, unseating Rebtar. As required by Imperium law, Rebtar is forced to trade territories with Gaketork. Rebtar inherits a territory where a conclave fleet resides. Despite the Imperium’s peacekeepers being ejected by conclave forces from there, the executor orders both patrol fleets to return. This sets up a dangerous collision between the Krackus fleets and the conclave ships.

Worse for the executors, Cremsylon’s visits to Imperium create unexpected consequences. During the visits, Kreus contacts the planet’s governor. The effects aren’t immediate, but eventually the governor questions discrepancies within executor recordings.

Self-originating queries into executor truthfulness weren’t the programmed tasks of an Imperium governor. Subsequently, actions by the governor produce results that Krackus has long feared.

Queller worlds border the Imperium Empire, and this race has its own issues. Two space-time continuums that were closed have reopened. Early exploration by the conclave reveals activity on the far sides. Julien arrives on Devona, the Queller primary home world. His task is to make contact with the race on the far side of the first reopened continuum.

However, Julien discovers the warships guarding the continuum’s far end aren’t from the local race. A more technologically developed race protects three bordering races, and Julien’s overtures to the powerful race are rejected.

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