Allied Enemies

Allied Enemies: Gate Ghosts, Book 8
English | June 14, 2023 | ASIN: B0C7XGR7Z7 | M4B@62 kbps | 13h 7m | 357.77 MB

Author: S. H. Jucha
Narrator: Nicole Poole

Tensions escalate across the Imperium Empire. Dwerves hunt for new Krackus worlds to raid. The Imperium executors hope to put an end to the huge armed ship’s rampage, and they delegate the duty to those imperators with the most experience against the empire’s invaders.

An odd occurrence takes place for the Dwerves. With food supplies running low, they locate a world without Krackus oversight. It’s assumed to be an unprotected agrarian civilization. Then a blue and cream ship shaped like a seedling launches from the world toward them.

The Dwerve council is disrupted by the presence of the small ship. Stoking the internal turmoil is the captain’s new idea. He suggests they communicate with the ship and offer to trade with the locals.

Council members are incensed by this proposal. They demand the captain take from the world what the ship needs. However, the captain fears who might be aboard the ship. Its sleek design imitates the tri-hulled ships the Dwerves have seen before. Those ships are armed with beam weapons.

Cremsylon, the eldest SADE, believes his role in the Axis Crossing worlds has reached its zenith, and he chooses to participate in the conclave’s actions against the Imperium Empire. He sails the “Freedom” to gather the newest warships produced by the Quellers for the conclave. Then he embarks on a radical move. With some select passengers to accompany him, the SADE visits the Krackus home world.

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