Dashing Devil 2

Dashing Devil 2: A Superhero Harem Adventure
English | March 27, 2023 | ASIN: B0BXQ5H27N | M4B@117 kbps | 10h 37m | 540.06 MB

Author: G. D. Brooks
Narrator: Giancarlo Herrera, Hannah Schooner

Rejoin Boyd where you left him as he walks the road of building the strongest Hero team humanity has ever known.

Boyd celebrates his recent victory with Silver and Kitsune as Glorith City celebrates him as the Hero he’d given up on being seen as. After several years of either being stuck in a lab or remanded to domestic responsibilities, he is more than ready to see some more action. It’s what he was raised for, after all.

Things continue to move faster than Boyd is used to though, and whoever is targeting him certainly isn’t done.

Boyd will learn more about how his Enhancement works while providing new insights into where Powers in general come from. He will solidify his relationships and meet a new prospect to fill the role he is leaving behind as he moves into the field. Along the way, he will start to address the traumas from his past.

Content warning: Includes descriptive and extreme violence (including violence committed by and against minors), adult themes, scenes, and language, as well as nontraditional relationships. Not suitable for minors.

This story is a work of fiction and does not represent the author’s views of reality.

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