Devil’s Blood: Shade of Devil, Book 3

Devil’s Blood: Shade of Devil, Book 3
English | March 12, 2020 | ASIN: B085RFRL4S | M4B@101 kbps | 13h 37m | 588.94 MB

Author: Shayne Silvers
Narrator: Charles Lawrence

The greatest trick the First Vampire ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.

Before the now-infamous Count Dracula ever tasted his first drop of blood, Sorin Ambrogio owned the night…and now he’s back.

History collides in present-day New York City. The various supernatural factions are splintering and growing desperate to maintain their seats of power.

And one man hungers for nothing more than to burn it all to the ground. Because he learns he has been lied to all along, that his centuries-long slumber may have been intentional.

Betrayal doesn’t get better with age. It just grows sharper and hungrier.

Violence is a virtue in the tale of the world’s First Vampire. The name Sorin Ambrogio will go down in the history books – even if he has to write it himself.

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