But Not Forlorn: Clint Wolf Mystery Series, Book 7

But Not Forlorn: Clint Wolf Mystery Series, Book 7
English | December 04, 2018 | ASIN: B07L18FF85 | MP3@64 kbps | 5h 44m | 157.55 MB

Author: BJ Bourg
Narrator: Thomas Stone

The political race to determine the next mayor of Mechant Loup is heating up…literally. When one of the candidates is burned to death in a fiery blaze, Clint Wolf and Susan Wilson go straight from their honeymoon to investigating a brutal homicide. While there are a number of suspects, evidence and witnesses are lacking, and narrowing the list down becomes a challenge.

A late night attack on a Mechant Loup police officer leads to a curious discovery, but exactly how this discovery factors into the case is anybody’s guess. Clint will have to reach out to the local media for help…and it might turn out to be the best decision he’s made throughout the case. However, no one will be rejoicing when this investigation is over, and it’s unlikely anyone from the police department will ever be the same again.

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