Beast Three Six

Beast Three Six: Shadow Strike, Book 5
English | March 14, 2023 | ASIN: B0BV7J19SR | M4B@125 kbps | 11h 23m | 621.27 MB

Author: Jason Kasper
Narrator: Corey M. Snow

David Rivers is used to his targets being chosen by the CIA. But this time, the target has chosen him.

When a senator’s daughter is kidnapped in Benghazi, a Filipino terrorist named Khalil Noureddin claims responsibility and demands to negotiate with only one man: the leader of a CIA team that tried and failed to kill him over a year ago.

David remembers the failure all too clearly. And while his team narrowly escaped a ruthless terrorist force, the attempt catapulted Khalil into international notoriety and caused him to vanish completely—until now.

With David surrendering himself to Khalil to facilitate hostage negotiations, and his team embarking on a harrowing infiltration across Libya to support the rescue effort, the clock is ticking with an innocent woman’s life hanging in the balance.

But capturing a high-profile hostage is just one element of Khalil’s plan.

To uncover a far more insidious plot unfolding in Libya, David’s team will have to negotiate brutal militias, Russian mercenaries, and operatives of a mysterious terrorist syndicate…before it’s too late.

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