A Pawns Rebellion Omnibus Books 1-3

A Pawns Rebellion Omnibus Books 1-3
English | March 06, 2024 | ASIN: B0CW3M6R2Z | M4B@62 kbps | 28h 41m | 781.79 MB

Author: Patrick Underwood
Narrator: Marcus Jahn, Sarah Goldstein

Books 1-3 now available in one bundle!

They say power corrupts the soul. Sometimes you take the risk.

I was just a cop on my beat when the world ended. My last memory was of an alien death ray ripping me from existence. When I woke up in a strange world, I should have just laid low. Figured out the rules of this place before I got involved. But, when you see a woman running from slavers. Well, let’s just say they got what they deserved. Only problem is that makes enemies—demigods with the power to bind the magically gifted women of Timeria to their will. I can stop them, with powers bestowed by a god. But, they come with a catch; I must bind these women, the Chosen, to my very soul. Just like the demigods I want to stop.

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