Your Unseen Power

Your Unseen Power
English | 2006 | ISBN: 1591794781 | FLAC@VBR kbps | 11h 25m | 1.59 GB

Author: Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki
Narrator: unknown

For one moment, take this question seriously: Is magic for real? According to third-generation occultist Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, it is, and when you learn the practices of real magic, you can train your consciousness to access cosmic wisdom. In Your Unseen Power, the myths of this ancient tradition, for which people in Western Europe were once burned at the stake, are debunked, and you are invited to learn magical skills to develop your higher mind, which will help you solve your personal challenges from the unusual to the mundane. In her compelling voice, this pre-eminent holder of the tradition takes you on as her apprentice and teaches you how to use ritual tools, create thought forms through astral projection, utilize Pathworking to meet and talk with teachers from the ancient world, and much more.

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