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Author: Doc Spears
Narrator: Dan Bittner

Benjamin Colt is a Green Beret damaged by circumstance. While others have stumbled into honor, each time the prize of combat is dangled in front of him, it’s snatched from his grasp. There’s nothing for a professional warrior to do except keep getting up no matter how many times he’s knocked down, hoping that the next time will be the one that brings him his day of days.

But just as he’s poised to get his wish, the universe plays another practical joke on him…. Aliens are real, and come bearing gifts that are secretly sending the world back to the Stone Age.

Using their technology to beat them at their own game, Colt and his team are catapulted onto a world not their own. The ancient and dying world of a dream. There he must fight perilous and personal battles against barbaric aliens and the twisted hearts of men, surrounded by the tragic remnants of a once great civilization—one slowly withering from the memory of the galaxy to return to the red dust from which it came.

A thrilling military adventure of air cars, ray guns, four-armed giants and eight-legged cavalry, miniguns, and 40mm grenades. A captive princess needs a hero to save a world…and Ben Colt, who needs a princess to make him—a Warlord.

“Doc Spears’ Warlord harkens the golden days of science fiction and fantasy with a decidedly modern military twist that will keep you reading page after thrilling page.” (Jason Anspach, AP best-selling author)

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