Vampire Morning

Vampire Morning: Daywalker Chronicles, Book 1
English | January 02, 2024 | ASIN: B0CQ1B9463 | M4B@70 kbps | 8h 17m | 254.78 MB

Author: Theophilus Monroe, Michael Anderle
Narrator: Rebecca Mitchell

What do you call a vampire by day, a human by night?

Confused? That makes two of us!

Sunlight is a little problematic for me. Will I be able to handle it?

By night I am a normal girl. I like computers, ice cream, and guys. When the sun rises, I’m stronger. I also get an insatiable craving for you-know-what.

The weird sisters stole Dracula’s power.

As masters of the Scholomance, they are recruiting new vampires. A recipe for disaster? Whatever they are planning, it can’t be good.

There’s only one way to deal with vampires, especially those meddling in the dark arts.

Can I bring them to light before they unleash their nightmare on the world? We shall see.

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