Valhalla Is Full of Hunks

Valhalla Is Full of Hunks: A Monstrously Mythic Tale: A Monstrously Mythic Standalone
English | March 19, 2024 | ASIN: B0CVNLQYLX | M4B@125 kbps | 8h 42m | 475.45 MB

Author: C. Rochelle
Narrator: Charlotte Claremont, Leo Barnabas

You’d think having the gift of second sight would make my life feel more secure.

Instead, I’m left with sleepless nights, a body count higher than my bestie, Herculeia, and an unfinished five-year plan. Was a juicy benefits package with an entire stable of Skarsgards too much to ask for?

Officially burned out, I decided to extend my business trip to Stockholm by two weeks—determined to forget my troubles by stuffing my face with Swedish meatballs. And I’m not just talking about the food.

When I meet the sexiest meatball right out of the gate, I think the tides are finally turning in my favor. Too bad my prophetic visions failed me once again.

Now I’m the one on hot-bod monster island, but instead of being chained to the bed for fun, it’s more a hostage situation. I can still work with that.

The question is, can I convince my three mythological captors to abandon their doomsday plot for eternity with me? Or is our fate already set in stone?

Valhalla is Full of Hunks is a standalone tale in the Monstrously Mythic universe. While it will be mostly spoiler-free, for the best experience, you may want to listen to the completed Herculeia duet first.

If you love a five-foot-nothing unapologetic ho meeting her monsters, an overly possessive, extremely unhinged stable of Skarsgards, very few morals, Norse mythology with many ridiculous liberties taken, multi-POVs, tasty banter, and naughty dark humor, then stuff your face with Swedish meatballs!

Contains a bonus story, “The Yule Log (in Jör’s Lederhosen).”

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