Topgun: Unleashed

Topgun: Unleashed: Brutal Response, Book 4
English | October 24, 2023 | ASIN: B0CKTSHMVK | M4B@125 kbps | 8h 9m | 445.73 MB

Author: Michael Anderle
Narrator: Eva Wilhelm

It was always going to come down to Mia living the life of an outlaw.

Mia’s world came apart when she learned about her father’s death. The one constant since that moment has been her refusal to give up her search for the truth. Overcoming the challenges obstructing her trajectory has landed her exactly where she wanted to be. Every secret has been uncovered, every lie revealed, and everyone the truth exposed is calling for Mia’s blood. On the run from the KCAP and toting around a few billion credits worth of stolen mili-tech, Mia has to navigate the unfriendly void as a fugitive. She’s not alone. Her crew has proven their loyalty, but the few of them are not enough to take on the enemies closing in from all sides. They need help, and Mia’s only option is to prove her integrity.

She plots a course back to Ice to keep her word to a monster. Getting there to fulfill her promises becomes a testing ground for the crew’s reputation as they pick up the jobs they need to keep their ship running. Terrible truths await Mia on her return to Ice. She’s survived twisted conspiracies and attempts on her life while crossing the depths of space, but there are some things that she’s not ready for. Mia will learn the hard way that living the outlaw’s life is an open invitation for the hits to keep on coming. Will she roll with them, or will they break her?

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