The War Hounds

The War Hounds: The Dream, Book 1
English | November 10, 2023 | ASIN: B0CN3TYQ35 | M4B@127 kbps | 7h 5m | 394.16 MB

Author: JD Glasscock
Narrator: Vicki-Jo Eva

A world devastated by a Great War, a large part of it, turned into an irradiated wasteland, but also breaking open the sky into a northern lights kaleidoscope that brought a system, abilities, stages of power and oh yes, demons. It was called the Dream. It also brought an advancement that melded magic and tech and the Lanterns, a trained force to keep the demons in check….

2000 years later, an alpha predator of the human race, the Archon, chooses to merge with a demon lord which leads to the Fall, the ending of humanity’s supremacy and the beginning of one where demon/human hybrids are the apex. The Lanterns try to fight back, but are utterly crushed.

Twenty years after the Fall humanity hides and survives, the Lanterns mostly dead and gone. Can one of the last Battle Squads of the Lanterns, The War Hounds, do anything in a world that has been taken over by demon/human hybrids? Do they want to?

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