The Tangled Mind

The Tangled Mind: Unraveling the Origin of Human Nature
English | September 05, 2019 | ASIN: B07XDN84BH | M4B@125 kbps | 10h 26m | 578.81 MB

Author: Nick Kolenda
Narrator: Mike Norgaard

Humans learn by association. Every concept that you understand is connected to an earlier concept. So then, what happens if you retrace those connections? Wouldn’t you eventually find a starting point? Indeed, you would. The Tangled Mind argues that a small group of primitive concepts fueled your knowledge of the world.


  • You discover the world via sensory experience.
  • You “scaffold” new concepts onto sensory elements.
  • Future concepts inherit sensory meaning.

Today, your entire knowledge rests upon a sensory foundation. In this book, you’ll learn how those sensory underpinnings influence your perception and behavior. You’ll discover practical applications in life and business, and you’ll learn how those concepts build your deep-rooted beliefs and values (e.g., morality, religion, politics).

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