The Reluctant Superhero

The Reluctant Superhero Book 1
English | October 24, 2023 | ASIN: B0CKTW3HB4 | M4B@125 kbps | 8h 23m | 458.53 MB

Author: D. Levesque
Narrator: Alex Matthews, Kat Riley

Randold, better known as Rand, was no ordinary individual. Despite his best efforts, he possessed an extraordinary secret—he was a Super. Well, technically speaking, he belonged to that exceptional group, but he concealed his true nature from the world. For Rand possessed a remarkable ability to manipulate all forms of energy, even the Superpowers of others, a power that, if discovered, would undoubtedly land him in dire trouble with the government. The consequences ranged from imprisonment to something far worse.

But the weight of responsibility rested heavily on Rand’s shoulders, a burden he never asked for. He had never aspired to be a Super; all he desired was a simple, ordinary life. His dreams revolved around attending university, graduating, and securing a decent job in the world of business. Saving the world was not part of his grand plan.

The existence of Supers had been a reality for over two decades. It all began with the dramatic entrance of a Supervillain, shattering the tranquility of the world. However, their reign was short-lived, swiftly countered by the arrival of a courageous Superhero within a week. From that point forward, the world underwent a metamorphosis, forever altered by the presence of these extraordinary beings.

It wasn’t just the human population that experienced transformation; even animals underwent bewildering mutations, transforming into monstrous creatures. Even seemingly harmless creatures like rabbits had evolved into formidable level-two threats. An average human being was classified as a level-one entity, whereas Supers spanned a spectrum of power, ranging from level three to the awe-inspiring Titan and Dragon threat levels. In the face of such cataclysmic changes, humanity sought refuge in fortified City-States. Rand resided in one of the larger cities along the eastern coast, aptly named New San Diago.

However, everything changed on one fateful day when Rand found himself saving what he had initially assumed to be an ordinary human girl. From that moment onward, his life veered onto an irreversible path, leaving him uncertain if the consequences would be favorable or not. Concealing his identity as one of the most powerful Supers in the world became an even greater challenge, as the act of rescuing a single girl posed a threat to exposing his closely guarded secret.

Embark on Rand’s journey as he grapples with the immense task of controlling his powers while navigating the treacherous path of secrecy. His quest is not only to hide his true nature from his newfound friends but also from other Supers who may be lurking in the shadows. Will he successfully strike a delicate balance, or will his remarkable abilities lead to an unmasking that could forever alter his destiny? Join Rand as he faces these trials and tribulations, where the stakes are high, and the world of Supers is fraught with peril.

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