The Nothing Man

The Nothing Man
English | August 04, 2020 | ASIN: B084XXCQ33 | MP3@124 kbps | 9h 57m | 547.06 MB

Author: Catherine Ryan Howard
Narrator: Alana Kerr Collins, John Keating

At the age of 12, Eve Black was the only member of her family to survive an encounter with serial attacker the Nothing Man. Now an adult, she is obsessed with identifying the man who destroyed her life.

Supermarket security guard Jim Doyle has just started reading The Nothing Man – the true-crime memoir Eve has written about her efforts to track down her family’s killer. As he turns each page, his rage grows. Because Jim’s not just interested in reading about the Nothing Man. He is the Nothing Man.

Jim soon begins to realize how dangerously close Eve is getting to the truth. He knows she won’t give up until she finds him. He has no choice but to stop her first….

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