The Mists of Olume

The Mists of Olume: Book I of The Gods of Being Human
English | December 08, 2023 | ASIN: B0CPRLGNJV | M4B@125 kbps | 13h 29m | 735.24 MB

Author: Geo Rogers
Narrator: Stephen William Hodd

Contains some language/swearing.

Maglen, a hero of the Freedom Wars, was an amazing leader of warriors at a young age. The tolls of war tainted the man. After the wars, Maglen became a loner. He had become bitter, xenophobic, and very rude. Summoned by his emperor, he is encouraged to lead an extremely important expedition in search of the legendary continent of Olume. At first skeptical and reticent, Maglen argues against the perceived validity and value of the expedition..

The Mists of Olume includes two epic adventures wrapped into one story.

First, Maglen must meet the demand, at his emperor’s insistence, that he upgrade his capabilities in the realm of magic. He must accomplish this while he prepares the expedition for the odyssey. Once at sea, he must overcome the shipboard challenges while attempting to find Olume. These strain both his mental and physical capabilities.

Equally or perhaps even more importantly, Maglen must conquer the hurdles encountered in his efforts to eliminate his uglier faults. That quest has him fighting to surmount his shortcomings and recapture his purer motivations, optimism, and leadership skills from his past. Maglen has a love of blades and is a remarkable swordsman. His proclivity for blades proves, for the second time in his life, that he is a less-than-stellar student of the magical sciences.

So, grab your favorite beverage. Get comfortable. Join Maglen and his expedition as they take on this epic adventure in a forgotten place, in a forgotten time.

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