The January Dancer: Book 1

The January Dancer: Tales of the Spiral Arm: Book 1
English | November 11, 2008 | ASIN: B001L4EE2O | M4B@33 kbps | 13h | 188.1 MB

Author: Michael Flynn
Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki

Starting with Captain Amos January, who quickly loses it, and then the others who fought, schemed, and killed to get it, we travel around the complex, decadent, brawling, mongrelized, interstellar human civilization that the artifact might save or destroy. Collectors want the Dancer, pirates take it, rulers crave it, and all will kill, if necessary, to get it.

This is a thrilling yarn of love, revolution, music, and mystery, and it ends, as all great stories do, with shock and a beginning.

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