The Greatest Battles of World War II

The Greatest Battles of World War II: A World at War: World War II Battles that Shaped the Course of History
English | October 24, 2023 | ASIN: B0CLM8PR8K | M4B@126 kbps | 4h 32m | 248.97 MB

Author: Alexander L. Sheppard
Narrator: Daniel Hamel

Harrowing stories of Auschwitz, Pearl Harbor, and D-Day continue to live on, but this unbridled look at The Greatest Battles of World War II explores the lesser-known monstrosities unlike other World War 2 books.

World War II did more than just change the fate of world history—in just six years, every corner of the globe became involved in some of the most violent crimes against humanity to ever occur.

Whether you have a great fascination for history, or you’re just looking to uncover new facts, The Greatest Battles of World War II paints a picture of the battles of World War 2 and the impact of each on the course of the war and the future of global affairs.

Inside The Greatest Battles of World War II, you will discover:

  • major events and battle from the invasion of Poland and Dunkirk to Operation Overlord and the fateful day of June 6, 1944, when Nazi efforts all came crashing down.
  • the intricately planned military and intelligence efforts on the part of the US and its allies, which were key to the victory and end of the war.
  • what the fate of the war might have been if these battles had gone differently, and how even the minutest details enabled the takedown of Hitler and the Nazi Party.
  • how each and every event contributed to the drawn-out war, the eventual victory of the Allied Powers, and their far-reaching impact on the world, politics, and modern history.
  • key facts of every battle and military move for a well-rounded WWII education without the distracting and unnecessary details.

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