The Far Shore

The Far Shore
English | February 03, 2020 | ASIN: B0849WL8GX | M4B@125 kbps | 14h 17m | 778.65 MB

Author: Glenn Damato
Narrator: Victoria Ortiz, Punch Audio

An oppressive world. An untested spacecraft. A perilous gamble.

Can her journey preserve humanity’s freedom?

Cristina Flores speaks her mind. But in a totalitarian surveillance state where privacy is a thing of the past, her critical thinking and outspoken nature have marked her for death.

So when rebel scientists recruit the math genius for a covert plan to start anew on Mars, she accepts the chance to control her own destiny.

But space is a harsh sanctuary, and freedom is never purchased cheaply.

Alongside a small band of like-minded renegades, Cristina struggles to overcome escalating failures and rising panic. She fears their most lethal threat may be a charismatic but incompetent leader determined to command the colony to its last dying breath….

Can Cristina’s unstoppable determination keep their dream alive, or will the hope for freedom be lost in the void?

The Far Shore is a thrilling sci-fi novel in the classic tradition. If you enjoy courageous heroes, convincing technology, and hard-edged science, you’ll love Glenn Damato’s bold odyssey.

“A magnificent story – a soaring feat of imagination, highly suspenseful and utterly gripping.” (Robert Bidinotto, best-selling author of Hunter)

“I give The Far Shore five stars. It rivals The Martian in accuracy, ambition and attitude. It offers hope for humanity at all levels.” (Tamara Wilhite, contributor at Liberty Island Magazine)

“Gripping and immersive, The Far Shore offers a lot: Technology for the hard science fiction fans and tons of heart for all of us.” (Laura Montgomery, author of Mercenary Calling)

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