The Edge of Reality

The Edge of Reality: Two Scientists Evaluate What We Know of the UFO Phenomenon
English | November 06, 2023 | ASIN: B0CK9H1ZSJ | M4B@64 kbps | 11h 52m | 336.56 MB

Author: J. Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee, Paul Hynek – foreword
Narrator: Jonathan Yen

From the outset, Hynek and Vallee make their position clear: UFOs represent an unknown but real phenomenon. The far-reaching implications take us to the edge of what we consider the known and real in our physical environment. Perhaps UFOs signal the existence of a domain of nature as yet totally unexplored. These two eminent scientists studied the UFO phenomenon for decades and collaborated on this landmark report.

The authors sample UFO reports, including those allegedly involving humanoids, and describe the patterns that have been perceived in the behavior of the phenomenon. They also establish a framework for the further study of the UFO phenomenon. Where might such study lead? What can be studied, and how? What is the real nature of the UFO phenomenon? Does it originate with the actions of other intelligences in the universe? If so, where, and what, might they be? Does the UFO phenomenon have a purely physical explanation, or is there a vaster, hidden realm that holds the solution?

These are the questions that have concerned the authors for many years, and it is with possible answers to them that The Edge of Reality is concerned. This book is a deep dive in discussion between Hynek and Vallee and covers many facets of the UFO phenomena. The Edge of Reality was originally published in 1975 and has been available for many years.

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