The Chronicles of Jegra

The Chronicles of Jegra: Gladiatrix of the Galaxy
English | April 11, 2019 | ASIN: B07QHMMRLG | M4B@62 kbps | 9h 44m | 265.76 MB

Author: Tristan Vick
Narrator: Veronica James

Making her a slave to the arena was their first mistake. Underestimating her will be their last.

Aliens abducted her and sold her into the Intergalactic Gladiatorial Syndicate. Now, she’s fighting for her life on an alien world where she is reborn as Jegra, Gladiatrix of the Galaxy!

When the ruthless Lord Emperor Rhadamanthus Dakroth falls for the gladiatrix Jegra Alakandra, he decides to make her his new empress. But, after his ship is ambushed and destroyed, he is marooned on the desert moon with vicious assassins hot on his trail. Now, he has no choice but to turn to his bride-to-be for survival.

Fans of John Carter of Mars, Star Wars, and Red Sonja will have a lot to be excited about with this new sci-fi space opera where a woman made a slave discovers a greater destiny waiting for her in the stars.

From gladiatorial death matches to intergalactic war, The Chronicles of Jegra: Gladiatrix of the Galaxy is the first exciting chapter in the Cosmic Alliance Series!

Note: Contains a pansexual heroine, her transsexual girlfriend, and her bisexual polyamorous blue-skinned alien husband, some scenes of brutality, a bit of galactic alien sex, puritan knights of an ancient holy order, and giant glowing space squids made of nuclear energy that eat starships for breakfast.

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