TekLords: The TekWar Series, Book 2
English | February 27, 2024 | ASIN: B0CSZFP9W4 | M4B@125 kbps | 6h 17m | 343.57 MB

Author: William Shatner
Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer

PI Jake Cardigan is on the run from a mysterious assassin in this sci-fi thriller from iconic Star Trek actor and New York Times–bestselling author William Shatner.

Jake Cardigan has just returned from Mexico, where he fell in love, nearly died, and broke up the infamous Hokori cartel. But the drug kingpins whose fortunes rest on pushing Tek are still trying to do away with this devilish private eye.

During a routine trip to the mall, a well-dressed man tries to stab Cardigan through the heart. After a quick scuffle, the would-be assassin is dead on the floor, and Cardigan is the one who winds up in handcuffs. The dead man was an executive at a hydroponics company—an ordinary worker drone with no apparent reason to kill the detective.

An evil mastermind has learned how to make innocent civilians obey his commands, and he will sacrifice an army of zombie assassins if it means getting a clean shot at Cardigan. To stay alive, and out of jail, Cardigan will have to learn to steer clear of the mindless killers of Greater Los Angeles.

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